Saturday, 23 July 2011

Maneklal machine

The metal-cutting machine from Fakland Jewellery store has been salvaged after a lot of work. The owner had asked one of the men to remove it for 200QR, but refused to pay the 500QR that was then quoted to carry out the job, so had left it. With this in mind we decided to take it ourselves for the project.

The cogs and internal machinery were taken out in one day. To get the main casing out involved breaking walls, knocking out door frames, sliding the casing along scaffolding poles and then tipping it down a flight of stairs. It must weigh at least a ton. A red oil can was found behind the machine, and seems an interesting object in its own right.

We also managed to salvage a telegraph pole. As one of the men pointed out, the wood is not from Qatar, and it would be very interesting to try and date it. It could be from any time after 1950 presumably, which is when the oldest buildings here date from.

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