Friday, 5 August 2011

Warehouse visit & the school

Finally managed to see the two warehouses in the industrial area on Wednesday. All items salvaged from Phases 1-3 are stored here, along with H/H 15, a heritage house that was carefully removed from the site for conservation in its entirety. Amazing to see the quantity of material that has been collected and stored. The next stage will be to make an inventory, to archive the collection, and to make the items accessible for use in the school.

School chairs in storage while the building is converted.

The school should be ready for early September. Close to the development, this is an old school building that is being converted into an arts centre for the project. It will have a gallery space, painting studios, digital editing facilities, a photography studio, an education room, research facilities, and more...

We are planning workshops involving local community groups and artists to take place in the first week of October- watch this space!

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